Request a Visit to Moss Wood

Update 23/03/2020:
In line with in line with Australia's Prime Minister’s announcement, we are suspending tastings and winery visits at Moss Wood until further notice.

Moss Wood wines are available to purchase online and you can access our online shop below.

Terms and conditions

Moss Wood has a no smoking policy.

Moss Wood is a working winery.
For your safety, we encourage you to wear adequate footwear to visit our working winery. There are steps and uneven surfaces.
For your safety please listen to your hosts instructions, follow all signage and stay with the group and your host at all time. We reserve the right to shorten a visit in case of non compliance with the hosts safety instructions.

We welcome you taking photographs during your visit however please ask permission from your host and other staff before taking a photo of them.

We encourage you to limit your phone usage to a minimum possible during a visit. In the event you have to take a call, unfortunately we won't be able to delay the tour to wait the completion of your call.

Moss Wood's Terms and Conditions

We welcome our Members for visits of our winery.
There is a visit fee of $80.00, per visit/group. This charge is redeemable against any wine purchased at the time of the visit.
To request a visit, please fill out the form below.