Moss Wood History - 1985

Clare and Keith Mugford take ownership.

In 1984, the Mugfords leased the Moss Wood vineyard and winery and became managing partners of the then 20 acre vineyard (on 80 acres of land) and small winery producing 3,000 cases of wine annually. During this year the sale of the property was negotiated and in July 1985 the Mugfords assumed full ownership.

About Clare Mugford:

"I was born in Melbourne in 1960 and moved to Perth, Western Australia with my parents and my, substantially older, siblings, born 1944, ‘46 and ‘47, who were “10 pound Poms” in 1963. The family had moved to Australia for a better life and found one. My first interest post school was science and agriculture and I briefly flirted with a science degree but paid employment beckoned and I entered the work force with the New South Wales bank, as it was, for the next two years, which lead me to believe I preferred working with my own finances, to those of other people. Keen to rekindle my science studies again, I completed a Hospital based Diploma in Nursing at the Western Australian School of Nursing and nursed, at Royal Perth, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie regional hospitals, which I enjoyed very much. In 1984 Keith and I decided to marry and carry on his work at Moss Wood, which continues to be all consuming.

We have owned and run Moss Wood Winery and Vineyard, since 1985, having leased and become managing partners of it in 1984. In 2002 I completed a Graduate Diploma in Wine Business, from Adelaide University. "

Winemakers of the Margaret River wine industry in 1985
Winemakers of the Margaret River wine industry in 1985

Back Row (L - R): David Gregg - Vasse Felix, John Smith - Chateau Xanadu, Alan Johnson - Capel Vale, Maurice Watson - Evans & Tate Vineyards, Erl Happ - Happs, Mike Peterkin - Pierro, Al Gillespie - Gillespie
Centre Row (L - R): Keith Mugford - Moss Wood, Clare Mugford - Moss Wood, Anne Gregg - Vasse Felix, David Hohnen - Cape Mentelle, Maureen Wright - Wrights, Kevin Cullen - Cullens, Ed Whittaker - Rosa Park Vineyard
Front Row (L - R): Shelley Cullen - Cullens, Peter Gherardi - Freycinet Estate, Tracey Lowe - Killerby, Ian Lewis - Cape Clairault, John James - Ribbon Vale, Di Cullen - Cullens
Absent: Leeuwin Estate, Redgate, Willespie, Ashbrook, Sussex Vale, Gralyn, Woodlands

Clare Mugford, 1986
Clare Mugford, 1986