$USD 28.43 (incl. taxes)

Ribbon Vale 2022 Elsa

Ribbon Vale 2022 Elsa

$USD 49.30 (incl. taxes)

$USD 57.78 (incl. taxes)

$USD 57.78 (incl. taxes)


International Orders

All Moss Wood wines are under screw-cap closures.

Australian Domestic Taxes

Wines are available in Australia, and for shipping from Australia.

All prices on this page exclude Australian domestic taxes (WET & GST). All wines delivered to an address outside of Australia do not pay Australian domestic taxes.

Pricing of any wines being delivered to or picked up from an Australian address will be adjusted in the cart to include Australian domestic taxes (WET & GST).

Freight & Insurance

All international deliveries are taken care of by Moss Wood's suppliers: Get Freighted via DHL (excluding the USA).

View freight details online at completion of your order and before being asked for payment, or on our International Members order form (PDF).

Ordering Options

Place your Moss Wood order online, or using the downloadable PDF order form.

Payment Options

Make an immediate online order payment using your Credit or Debit card.

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Bank fees, duties and taxes may occur when making a bank transfer. These fees are your responsibility and would require payment prior to your order passing through customs.

More Shipping Information

If you are looking for the best value in terms of shipping costs, you will find that ordering online in dozens often works out to the lowest rates.

Offline orders may have slightly higher shipping costs for orders that are not in dozens.

For more detailed shipping information, including special order calculations, please visit our Shipping page.

Sample rates in
SingaporeNew ZealandAsia Pacific
(Exc China)
West EuropeSouth Africa &
Rest of Europe
1 to 6 bottles$183.00$223.00$236.00$287.00$356.00$397.50
12 bottles$263.00$293.00$320.00$414.00$532.00$442.50
24 bottles$475.00$520.00$573.00$759.00$901.00$870.00
36 bottles$710.00$735.00$815.00$1127.00$1282.00$1267.60
48 bottles$915.00$967.00$1074.00$1486.00$1699.00$1650.00
for 1 to 3 magnums
(more than 3 POA)


At Moss Wood, we use Coravin with our wines and we have partnered with Coravin to give Moss Wood Member access to the very best wine saving system to enjoy their Moss Wood wines.

Coravin Model Two Candy Red

Coravin Model Two Candy Red

$USD 433.35 (incl. taxes)

Coravin Model Two Elite Silver

Coravin Model Two Elite Silver

$USD 433.35 (incl. taxes)

$USD 42.37 (incl. taxes)

$USD 23.11 (incl. taxes)

$USD 92.45 (incl. taxes)

$USD 92.45 (incl. taxes)

$USD 38.52 (incl. taxes)

$USD 53.93 (incl. taxes)