On Wednesday 25th March 2020, the WA State Government introduced temporary restrictions on alcohol sales. On Friday 27th March 2020, the WA State Government updated these restrictions.

We thank everybody for their overwhelming support over this ban.

Sales are now back to normal, with the exception of WA. For all our customers in the rest of Australia and overseas; there are no restrictions. 

Temporary restrictions for WA customers:

Unfortunately, with this update, we are still obliged to require all our WA customers to limit their orders to 9L (the equivalent of 12 standard bottles) per customer per week. If you wish to order more, please contact us and we will be able to take subsequent orders in subsequent weeks while this ban is still in force.
[ We are happy to reserve wines for you while they are available. ]
Please feel free to contact us at or +61 8 9755 6266.

To our WA customers, we would like to reassure you that as soon as the WA Government temporary restrictions are lifted, we will restore your normal sales conditions.

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