Moss Wood 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon – Matthew Jukes

Rating: Stars


I have given 2012 Moss Wood Amy’s its own listing this year because it is such an extraordinary wine. Above this is the one and only Grand Vin – Moss Wood. Once again, there is a nose bleed score attached to this wine. The granite block of cassis flavour and sumptuous, grainy tannins are unparalleled and it seems churlish to talk about value but this is a small price to pay for this level of brilliance. I experienced tiny bursts of fruit minutes after I had tasted this wine as if my palate was replicating the experience in miniature in order to encourage me to reach for another sip. I have followed this estate for nearly three decades and the wines just get better and better. Margaret River is likely to be inundated with new customers in the next twelve months thanks, in no small part, to the wineries that have made these pages – they are playing a different game on a different field than many of their neighbours and whether they know it or not they are keeping the whole region alive.