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Moss Wood 2019 Chardonnay – Casey Bryan, Travelling Cork Screw

Rating: Stars

2019 was a challenging vintage in Margaret River (WA). This was due to things like frost, super cold temperatures, birds eating the grapes and more rain than normal. As Moss Wood said, “The only thing we didn’t get was hail, so perhaps we should be thankful”.

Despite the hurdles, this wine has come out absolutely beautifully in my opinion. And no doubt will be very enjoyable over the next decade or so. That’s if you have the patience to cellar it.

In the glass it’s an alluring yellow shade with a golden glimmer to it. Fresh vanilla oak, a sprinkling of spice, juicy tropical fruits, pears and a hint of minerality come through on the nose. In the mouth it’s just perfection. It’s impeccably well rounded and simply darn scrumptious. A Chardonnay highlight of my year.