Moss Wood 2020 Semillon – Marc Malouf, Wine Worth Writing About

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Moss Wood 2020 Semillon – Marc Malouf, Wine Worth Writing About

Rating: Stars

Pale straw with a yellow reflection and an intensely aromatic and tropical leaning nose of musky florals, frangipani, lime, passionfruit, banana gums, papaya, pineapple, Piel de Sapo melon, lemon zest and icing sugar. Deeper notes of apricot nectar and some gentle stalkiness gives depth. Super ripe and powerful.
Rich, full and sweet in the mouth with a wash of papaya, melon, fig, apricot and white peach, charged by an electric buzz of orange/grapefruit acidity. The zesty acid is so lively and brings a much welcomed brightness to the ripe fruit. There’s some warmth from a fair amount of alcohol too, 14.5%. The fruit drops into a midpalate gently buzzing with texture and tannins, pausing in momentum, while a heady breath rises with overtones of melon rind, floral lemongrass and honey.

Intense, but endearing, this Margaret River Semillon is a ripe, rich, weighty and curvy number that has been jolted into shape by a great current of zesty acidity that carries it all well. If you’re into your lean Hunter Valley expressions of Semillon, this is not that, but if you like your whites rich, fruity, sweet and zesty…i found you a goodin’! Dangerously delicious drinking.

Published Dec 2020