Moss Wood 2022 Semillon – Fergal Gleeson, Greatwineblog

MOSS WOOD_2022 Semillon

Moss Wood 2022 Semillon – Fergal Gleeson, Greatwineblog

Rating: Stars

Wine should always be joyful!
Moss Wood Semillon 2022 is definitely a golden child ! 

A warm growing season in Margaret River following the wet year of 2021 meant the vines were primed to deliver.
This is a Semillon that marches to the border of Sauvignon Blanc style tropical flavour and generosity before stepping back.
While made in an identical manner to Hunter Valley Semillon, Moss Wood terroir and picking at greater ripeness mean that it’s a different wine entirely.
In a warmer vintage like 2022 it’s less about lemongrass and lanolin flavours and more about palate weight and fruit power.
This is really well done. There’s more volume and yet it still has an impeccably dry and elegant finish.

Your bottle will empty quickly ! 

September 2022