Moss Wood Ribbon Vale 2019 Elsa – Cameron Douglas,

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Moss Wood Ribbon Vale 2019 Elsa – Cameron Douglas,

Points: 94
Rating: Stars

An elegant bouquet centering on aromas of pure yellow fleshed orchard fruits, oak, lees and the complexities the harmonies of these three elements reveal. On the palate – weighty, almost full-bodied, fruits flavours of grapefruit and peach, some quince and apple then the unmistakable youthful bite of new French wood. Tannins, acid and wood are of equal intensity demanding my attention. A truly flavourful wine with textures from oak and acid, lees and fruit intensity. Still on its way to balance and harmony – and it will – with best drinking likely from late 2021 early 2022 through 2028. Lengthy and engaging finish.

This is a new-oak fermented Sauvignon Blanc Wine – and a rather stunning example

Published June 1st, 2020