20200220_MOSS WOOD_Esla 2019_Creative_Horizontal pouring

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale 2019 Elsa – Erin Larkin, Halliday Wine Companion

Points: 96
Rating: Stars

90% sauvignon blanc, 10% semillon. Hand picked and sorted, each variety vinified separately. 10 months in French barrels (5% new). Wow. Ok, so a new breed of barrel-aged sauvignon blanc is here. Intense and rich, rounded, complex and viscous in texture. The tannins (yes, tannins – despite only an hour on skins) are ripe and chewy; they frame the soft citrus fruit in a pillow of texture. Sauvignon blanc can be edgy – this is not. Semillon can be grassy – this is not. Keith has managed to capture the attributes of both varieties, with none of the obviousness. What a wonder.


Published 08 December 2020