Moss Wood Mornington Peninsula 2010 Pinot Noir – Jane McQuitty, The Times

Rating: Stars

Moss Wood was the second estate to plant vines in Western Australia, after Vasse Felix, and Pinot Noir has long been a passion for theirs. So much so that the Mugfords of Moss Wood have bought {The Mugfords have a contract to buy the grapes, stipulating vineyard management and make the wine in a wine making facility on the Mornington Peninsula, requiring many visits by Clare and Keith to do the fun parts of the winemaking, giving the instructions for the hands on cellar work!} vines in a prime spot in Victoria: the windy maritime-influenced Mornington Peninsula.

The first Moss Wood pinot noir vintage here was 2008 but this gorgeous, beefy, complex, richly spiced 2010, with lot of fleshy structured strawberry-stashed fruit is their best yet. Compare and contrast this magnificent Pinot Noir with Red Claw now. Alternatively put it away until 2015 and beyond for more truffle and rich game flavours to develop.