Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Vineyard 1999 Merlot


Wine Facts

Harvested: 12/3/1999
Bottled: 28/5/2001
Released: 3/10/2001
Alcohol: 14.50%


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Tasting Notes

The wine shows bright condition, with a dense brick red hue. On the nose the wine is quite lifted with primary fruit aromas of plums, red currants and cherry. In the background there are peppery and earthy notes, as well as marzipan and a clove-like spice. Some oak is present, giving some toasty and pencil shavings characters.

The Ribbon Vale vineyard has traditionally produced Merlot wines with concentrated structures and this wine is in the same mould. The 1999 vintage provided good maturity of fruit flavours and tannins and this provides a palate with attractive front and mid-palate fruits of red currant and marzipan, medium to full body and good acidity. The texture is rich and there is length of flavour too. On the finish, the tannins provide shape and structure with firmness but no bitterness. Overall, the wine has good depth and balance, reminiscent of the very good years of 1996 and 1991.

Cellaring Notes

We would recommend cellaring for at least 10 years, although its generous young fruit flavours offer some immediate drinking pleasure.