Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon


Wine Facts

Harvested: 18/3/2005
Bottled: 30/4/2007
Released: 30/4/2008
Yield: 7.82 t/ha
Baume: 13.50
Alcohol: 14.00%
Vintage Rating: 10/10


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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Huon Hooke,

A big, rich, deeply flavoursome red, which is fully ripe and shows none of the leafy herbal notes of cabernet – but then, that is typical Moss Wood. It is full-bodied, dense and rich, with abundant supple tannins and marvellous balance. We tasted a screw-capped bottle alongside a cork-sealed bottle and there was little difference…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – James Suckling,

Plush, dark fruits along the regional cabernet spectrum, as well as dark chocolate and cocoa powder. This has a very seamless and youthful stance. The oak spices add interest to pristine, ripe fruits. The palate has an assertive core of strong and sturdy tannins. A really effortless build and depth. A sheet-like finish. Drink or…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Joshua Greene, Wine and Spirits February 2018

For the Margaret River wine region’s 50th anniversary, Vasse Felix worked with the local wineries association to present a retrospective tasting of cabernet sauvignon. Here are some standouts among the older cabernets. Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Warmer than the 2004s, this wine’s black fruit still has a contrast of cool, coastal savor, as if…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Huon Hooke,

Deepish red colour with a trace of brick in the rim. The bouquet is smoky, savoury and oak-kissed, with a nutty mellowness. Almost a pruney tinge. The wine is very powerful, rich, full-bodied and fleshy, with high extract giving it terrific textural richness. Long, warming and satisfying. Tasted 16/11/2017 Drink 2017 to 2035

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Jancis Robinson,

I had the great pleasure of participating in a tasting at Vasse Felix in Margaret River last month designed to celebrate the region’s half-century. Vasse Felix’s winemaker Virginia Willcock, Australian wine writer James Halliday, honorary Australian and fine-wine specialist Andrew Caillard MW and I led the tasting attended by leading local winemakers and commentators from…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine Advocate #173 Oct 2007 – Jay S Miller

The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon “Moss Wood Vineyard” received the same oak treatment. Although excellent, it comes off as being more structured, firmer, and less generous. There are excellent flavors but the finish is slightly compact. Perhaps extended cellaring will round out the 2005 but the 2004 is a much safer bet. Moss Wood Winery, located…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Huon Hooke – Sydney Morning Herald

Tastings – Wine of the Week. Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon The Wine of the Week concept involves a value-for-money consideration, so reviewing such an expensive wine here is indulgent. But I feel moved to make a statement. This is my idea of a beautiful red wine. It‘s an essay in elegance and harmony: the…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Mike Frost – The Courier Mail

Labels with Mike Frost – Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon: Top maker + excellent vintage + outstanding wine. There’s rich dark berry and blackcurrant fruit on the nose and palate with fine firm tannins and integrated oak on the complex palate. It’s surprisingly approachable now, particularly with roast leg of lamb, but it should mature…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Chris Shanahan –

This is another Australian blue chip and it’s in glorious form. It’s a perfectly ripe expression of cabernet without any of the leafy green notes that sometimes take the edge off otherwise top wines. But it’s more than cabernet. The combination of great fruit, skilled winemaking and maturation in high-quality oak produced a wine that’s…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Matthew Jukes –

 100 Best Australian Wines 2008 The density of Cabernet fruit in Moss Wood 2005 is truly staggering, but none of this power is misplaced, ‘hot’ or oaky – it is just introverted and brooding. With vigorous swirling you may encourage fragments of this wine to dislodge themselves from the mother ship and it is these…

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Max Allen – Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine

Perfect match  Moss Wood is renowned for its powerfully structured yet elegant cabernet, and this vintage doesn’t disappoint. Deep black fruit framed by firm tannin. Wonderful now and even better in 10 years time.

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Tyson Stelzer – The Style

Tyson’s picks This is one of the greatest vintages of all time of this legendary cabernet. Stock the cellar and you’re in for a treat – not just this year but for the next 20!

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Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon – Tony Harper – Brisbane News

Rare beauties – Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Excerpt from article “Rare beauties” “…Far more predictable was the quality of the 2005 Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon. That was remarkably good vintage for the Margaret River region, particularly for the better sites that ripened before showers in April and late March put a dampener on things.…

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Tasting Notes

The Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet has a pure voluminous fruit statement of perfumes of violet, fruits of the forest, mulberry, blueberry and blackcurrant aromas - the palate is a statement of vibrant dark fruits which fill the palate from front to back. There’s tight structure, balance and opulence (though it’s not soft and plump) with flavours jumping out and grabbing you by the throat. The oak flavours and the tannins sit seamlessly at the back, giving the wine near-perfect balance.

Peter Forrestal comments that this is an exceptional Moss Wood Cabernet, wildly fragrant with intense, fine blackcurrant and dark plum flavours, fleshy, velvety texture, and neatly integrated fine, ripe tannins on a finish that lingers. It is tightly structured and quite firm in the mid-palate at present although it is showing some beguiling succulence that marks it as a wine with a huge future.

Vintage Notes

In our view the 2001 remains the Moss Wood Cabernet of this decade, yet in reality, the 2005 is at least as good.

In 2005, vine balance and seasonal conditions were better than the excellent 1995 and 1996 vintages while the outstanding 1999 falls somewhere between the two poles of 1995 and 2005. The upgrading of equipment at Moss Wood in 2000 gives the 2001 and 2005 vintages a distinct advantage over the earlier years - in quality terms.

The season leading up to the 2005 harvest was almost copybook with conditions ideal for vines. The fruit set was good and the rainfall throughout the season was adequate. It rained at the end of the cabernet harvest - after Moss Wood had finished picking. So with the grapes in pristine condition, it was a great year for cabernet at Moss Wood. The pretty aromas during fermentation confirmed, for the winery team, how good the season had been.

It had been, however, challenging at the start. There had been regular rainfall throughout the spring, which meant the spraying program to control fungal disease had to be rigorous. At Moss Wood, the biggest threat comes from powdery mildew. This disease found its way into Europe from America during the nineteenth century and, like many other pests and diseases, it was also introduced into Australia’s vineyards. The French used sulphur to combat powdery mildew and that is also the key agent for control at Moss Wood.

Although sulphur has been used for many years, no resistance has built up against the chemical because it acts to interrupt the development of the fungus at numerous stages in its life-cycle. This makes it the chemical of choice, especially during the early and middle stages of the growing season. However, it does have some drawbacks, one of which is that not being rain-fast, it must be re-applied after moderate precipitation. This means that during the 2005 season, the vineyard team spent many hours on the tractor reapplying the sulphur coverage. It was definitely worth their efforts because at harvest the fruit was completely disease free.

As always in viticulture there were swings and roundabouts. While the rain caused some difficulties, it was very good for the vines, providing plenty of soil moisture. In particular, it meant that there was no stress at the end of the season, allowing the fruit to ripen consistently to the end.

Production Notes

The winemaking process for the Moss Wood 2005 Cabernet proceeded along traditional lines. The fruit was hand picked, destemmed into open tanks, hand plunged four times a day until dryness after which it was plunged once a day and monitored for tannin extraction. The temperature in the fermenters was monitored so that it did not exceed 30°C. Once the team felt that the wine had achieved balance, it was pressed and racked into barrel for the malolactic fermentation. Typically, Moss Wood Cabernet is left on skins for ten to 14 days post fermentation and this was the situation in 2005. In the first year, the batches were kept separate for barrel trials and monitored. After twelve months, all batches were combined and then racked back into barrel. At the end of the second year, the wine was racked into stainless steel tanks in preparation for bottling. Fining trials were conducted and as it was felt that fining did not improve the wine, none were carried out. The wine was then sterile filtered and bottled on May 1st 2007.

Cellaring Notes

This as an exceptional cellaring prospect: given ideal conditions, it should thrive for at least 20 years, although it will live for longer.